About us

The Wright Flyer Project is a purely volunteer, non-profit organization. We have survived for more than twenty years on a small insurance settlement and the generocity of others.

It is unusual to the point of being amazing that this airplane has been built with donated labor by a group of nominally a dozen volunteers who individually have long and impressive association with the aircraft industry. It is probably more amazing that this group has endured for twenty years and is committed to many more – certainly a tribute to their fascination for the Wright Flyer, a milestone for humankind that first provided wings for man.

A rough calculation of the total professional experience of the group yielded 600 years. Fortunately, this assemblage of backgrounds and personalities has been sufficiently congenial, that our work periods are also very pleasant social events.

Please take the time to peruse some of the other sections of our legacy site or read about the origins of the AIAA Wright Flyer Project, and drop us a line if you have comments.